Under the radar, Trump, Republicans are in frontal assault of Obama-era regulations

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch cited Wayne Crews as well as the Competitive Enterprise Institute on the effects of President Trump’s reforms and how mcuh overregulation is costing the American taxpayer. 

While fights over health care and tax reform have captured the spotlight, President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress have spent 2017 methodically unraveling regulations of the previous administration that affect broad swaths of the American economy.

Republicans say that it’s a necessary pendulum swing away from President Barack Obama’s “nanny state” and that their work already has boosted the economy.

“We saw under the Obama administration, really, just an explosion in government overreach, and an explosion of red tape that, at the end of the day, was really hurting American families,” said Rep. Ann Wagner, R-Ballwin.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market advocacy organization, estimates that regulatory compliance annually costs the American economy $1.9 trillion. That amounts to a “hidden tax” of roughly $15,000 on the average America`n family, the CEI says, a statistic often cited by Republicans.

“The pace of the amount of regulations that (Trump) is putting into the pipeline has gone way down,” said Wayne Crews, vice president of policy at the CEI. “And the regulations that were in the pipeline but were not final under Obama, he was able to slow that down.”

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