Vaping and Harm Reduction: A Brief Analysis of Policy, Academic Conclusions, and Hysteria

Inside Sources cited CEI’s study by Senior Fellow Michelle Minton, “Fear Profiteers.”

Additionally, in a recent commentary piece written for the Capital Research Center, I cite data from a groundbreaking study written by Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Michelle Minton. In her research, Minton examines the funding matrix between the tobacco control lobby, elements in government, and corporate America that pushes public messaging that stokes fear in the population. Compared to public sentiments in the U.K. where vaping is considered a viable cessation and harm reduction method, two-thirds of Americans believe that vaping is just as harmful or worse than regular cigarettes. There is little data on vaping’s long-term effects on the human body, granted. These sentiments, though, are a result of anti-vaping messaging, nonetheless.

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