Vehicle-to-vehicle communication rule finally proposed by the government

Ars Technica discusses the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's proposed rule on vehicle-to-vehicle communication with Marc Scribner. 

But not everyone is as enamored. Marc Scribner, a research fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, worries that we're locking ourselves into an obsolete technology. "They're being a lot more conscientious about it than I think a lot of people give them credit for," he said. "I still think the technology is fundamentally flawed, and the way the rollout will happen is flawed, because there's very good odds that we'll have fully automated vehicles by the time this technology is deployed wide enough to give you any of these crash-avoidance benefits. You have to encounter another vehicle on the road with the technology for it to work."

"The latency problem that people were complaining about with regards to cell networks is going away," Scribner told Ars. "And you already have this widely deployed network that you're not taking advantage of; instead, you're talking about building an entirely new network—which no one knows how to pay for."

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