VW Emissions Scandal Being Used To Push Obama’s Electric Vehicle Agenda

The Daily Caller discusses political pressure on Volkswagen with Myron Ebell. 

“Does Volkswagen have a future if political pressure is going to cost them a business plan that will force them into bankruptcy?” Myron Ebell, the director for Center for Energy and Environment at the free market group Competitive Enterprise Institute, said to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Most electric vehicles are sitting on lots, not going anywhere anytime soon; they’re simply not selling,” he added. Ebell went on to say that VW has to be able to profit from the vehicles it makes if it wants to continue to provide for customers and stay in business.

Ebell was referring to environmentalists and others pushing VW into producing more electric vehicles. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began the campaign on VW in February to produce electric vehicles at a car plant in Tennessee. The agency also asked the company to build electric charging stations throughout the U.S.

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