Coalition Letter to Congress Opposing “Buy America” Provisions for Government Infrastructure Projects

Full Document Available in PDF


Do you want to artificially increase the cost of government procurement by restricting competition?

Do you want to add new regulatory burdens on cash-strapped communities and limit access to best technologies and affordable financing?

Do you want to put U.S. manufacturers in legal jeopardy by suppressing their use of highlyintegrated supply chains?

Do you want foreign governments to restrict the access of U.S. produced goods and services to their markets?

Do you want to provide protection to a few private interests at the expense of the public?

If your answer is NO to these questions, then we urge you to oppose legislation calling for new or more stringent domestic content rules on government-funded infrastructure projects. While some may argue that such protectionist measures are warranted during these challenging economic times, we submit that such policies are inherently flawed and counter-productive to the economic welfare of U.S. producers and consumers alike.