Michelle Minton, CEI’s senior fellow specializing in consumer policy, will be speaking at the Sports Betting USA conference. Drawing on the momentum around this issue, built up by the developments in the New Jersey’s challenge to PASPA, various states’ legislative efforts to be ready as soon as PASPA is overruled, softening sports leagues’ positions, grass roots and lobbying efforts by the American Gaming Association and federal action undertaken by US policy-makers such as Congressman Frank Pallone, the conference will be a meeting and information sharing platform between the worlds of sports and gambling.

Minton will be speaking on a panel titled “25 years of PASPA: Examining the effects of the prohibition and envisioning a more effective legal and regulatory framework” on November 14, 2017 from 9:45 am – 10:45 am. This panel will look at stakeholders’ positions on sports betting, look at the scandals that inspired PASPA and how they would be handled today, demystify myths around sports betting and sports integrity, look at possible regulatory models/frameworks for regulating sports betting, examine the tools that could be used to impel and track migration from an illegal to legal sports gambling market, and taking into consideration the necessary consumer protections and responsible gaming in a regulated environment.


November 14, 2017
9:45 am – 10:45 am


Convene Conference Center

810 7th Ave, Midtown West
New York, New York 10019



Richard Schuetz
Executive Director, Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission


Michelle Minton
Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Julian Morris
Vice President, Reason Foundation

Gabe Feldman
Legal Analyst, NFL Networking/Associate Professor, Director, Tulane Sports Law Program

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