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Michelle Minton


Michelle Minton


Michelle Minton is the Competitive Enterprise Institute's fellow specializing in consumer policy, FDA regulation of non-pharmaceuticals, alcohol regulation, food and beverage regulation, and internet gambling.

She has coauthored several studies, including topics like sin taxes and alcoholic beverage regulation. Minton’s analyses have been published and cited by nationally respected news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today as well as industry blogs and publications. She regularly appears on radio programs, including "the G. Gordon Liddy Show" and "Thom Hartman Show," as well as international television programs. In addition to her work at CEI, Minton is also a visiting fellow at the Maryland Public Policy Institute. 

Ms. Minton holds a B.A. in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining the Competitive Enterprise Institute she led the video production department of a boutique digital marketing firm.

In her free time, she enjoys competing in a poker league, reading and studying the art and history of making beer.




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