Please note that the briefing has been moved. New room: Rayburn B-369

As members of Congress meet in conference to debate the merits of the Senate-passed Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) and proposals from the House of Representatives, our organizations urge them to consider new and innovative approaches to a number of serious problems facing the transportation system.

The politics of transportation are broken. Congress has not increased federal fuel excise tax rates since 1993. Since then, inflation has eroded the buying power of those tax dollars by more than one-third. This has pushed the Highway Trust Fund to the brink of insolvency, yet none of the proposals pending before Congress address this imminent threat to our nation’s surface transportation infrastructure.


We believe there is another way, and one that preserves and enhances the traditional user-pays principle that enables travelers to get — more quickly, and often from competitive providers — the facilities for which they are prepared to pay.


On Tuesday, May 15, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the Independent Institute, and Reason Foundation will host a Capitol Hill briefing on the reauthorization of federal surface transportation programs. A panel of transportation policy scholars will discuss several possible solutions, including returning funding responsibility to the states, replacing fuel taxes with more sustainable revenue-collection mechanisms, and expanding private-sector participation in the provision of transportation facilities.



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

12:00pm – 1:30pm



Rayburn House Office Building

Room B-369

Washington, D.C.


This is a widely attended event

Lunch will be served





Marc Scribner, Land-use and Transportation Policy Analyst, CEI



 Adrian Moore, Ph.D., Vice President of Policy, Reason Foundation

Randal O’Toole, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

Gabriel Roth, Research Fellow, The Independent Institute



Register for the event here.

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