Jennifer Monti is a fourth-year medical student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Her policy interests include the application of public-private entrepreneurship to issues of medical and public health importance. Her research contributions have addressed inflammation and infection, as well as public investment in population health. Her research work has been published in academic journals, and her other writings have received recognition from The New York Times and the American Association of Medical Colleges. She has worked with the Cleveland Clinic in evaluating emerging technologies and has directed several teams of researchers and entrepreneurs in strategies to move promising technologies from clinical development to market viability.

Ms. Monti previously worked at the Health Technology Center in San Francisco on the assessment of emerging technologies and their impact on the capital investments of large health care organizations. She is currently a deputy to the Baltimore City Commissioner of Health, in which position she leads research efforts on a public strategy for reducing the obesity epidemic and on projects to increase healthy food access in urban neighborhoods that are under served by traditional supermarket retailers. Ms. Monti will receive M.D. and master’s in public health (MPH) degrees in Spring 2010 and will enter residency training in internal medicine.