Jule R. Herbert, Jr. has been engaged in the general practice of law in Gulf Shores, Alabama, since 1990. Graduated in law at the University of Alabama in 1975 with an undergraduate degree in economics, having served as a summer fellow of the highly recommended Institute for Humane Studies, Herbert opened a general law practice in Tuscaloosa. He moved to Washington D.C. in 1979 where he served as Vice President of the National Taxpayers Union, President of the National Taxpayers Legal Fund, and, later, as Chief of Policy and Senior Staff Counsel to the Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Committee (during the second Reagan administration). There he helped implement the deregulation of truck and railroad transportation. During various lobbying and policy advocacy stints, Herbert was involved in a variety of national political policy issues including antitrust enforcement, tort law reform, international trade, regulatory reform, and tax legislation. Representative published work during this period included An Agenda for Tax Reform, Cato Institute, 1985; "An Antitrust Route to Re-Regulation," Wall Street Journal, July 26, 1985; "Risk and the Civil Justice System: The Crisis in Tort Law," The State Factor, American Legislative Exchange Council, January 1986. As a regular participant in numerous symposia, lectures, and conference panels, Herbert was regularly ahead of the curve on a variety of public policy issues. He published articles in favor of a flat-rate income tax and state tax limitation efforts in 1979, educational tax credits and vouchers in 1980, and expansion of IRA’s and Social Security Reform in 1981. As president of the National Taxpayers Legal Fund from 1979 to 1984, Herbert was an advocate for taxpayer rights when fear of the IRS was at its height.

Returning to Alabama in 1990 and to the general practice of law, Herbert’s firm handles Section 1031 Tax Free Exchanges, environmental, condominium, and real estate law. The firm also advises and represents clients on transaction matters, corporation and business organizations, estates and trusts, probate, and general civil litigation. Since January 2002, he has been a principal member of Herbert & Harrell LLC along with C. Andrew Harrell.