Mark Milke is the Director of Alberta Policy Studies at the Fraser Institute. He also manages the Fraser Institute’s Centre for the Study of Property Rights.

A long-time contributor to the Institute, having authored the Institute’s work on corporate welfare and B.C. treaties, as well as being a regular contributor to Fraser Forum, Milke has extensive experience analyzing and writing about public policy, particularly in the areas of government spending, land claims negotiations, and taxation. He is the former research director for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and former B.C. and Alberta director with the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation.

Milke is the author of three books on Canadian politics and policy: Tax Me I’m Canadian, Barbarians in the Garden City, and A Nation of Serfs. In 2006, he co-wrote a series of columns with Preston Manning on the future of Alberta. Milke is also a Sunday columnist for the Calgary Herald and a monthly columnist for Business in Vancouver. His work has appeared in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Victoria Times Colonist, and the Washington, D.C.–based magazine The Weekly Standard.

He has a Ph.D. in political science and is a lecturer at the University of Calgary.