Ryan Lynch is the senior IT director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Lynch manages CEI’s dedicated technology teams, top to bottom, soup to nuts. He also performs all of CEI’s IT tasks including, but not limited to, help desk, managing vendors, network administration, and providing guidance to CEI’s other teams on technology related issues.

In 2004 he graduated from Winona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts and Literature. After graduating, he worked as a high school English teacher and a special education teacher’s assistant. A longtime lover of technology and tinkering, he made the career change into IT in 2008.

During his years at CEI he has completed many large scale projects, with the most significant being the many years long effort to repair and rebuild CEI’s IT infrastructure. He completed this project in early 2014, and now all of CEI’s IT infrastructure, end user equipment, and practices meet or exceed industry best practices.

He is also, like most IT guys, a video game enthusiast and, unlike most IT guys, an amateur author.

He really wants to fix your computer.


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