The U.S. is going through a period of profound change in the nature of the workplace through the rise of new industries and the advent of telecommuting, remote learning, the gig economy, and automation, among other changes. Yet the laws and regulations that cover these areas, like the National Labor Relations Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act, were written nearly a century ago for an economy that little resembles the world of today. Too often, these laws and regulations serve as impediments to entrepreneurs, emerging industries, and the rights of individual workers. CEI is dedicated to fair-minded reform that places the rights of individual workers first.

Whether it is exposing legislation and regulations that benefit unions, lawyers or management at the expense of workers, detailing the folly of occupational licensing laws; supporting the expansion of state right-to-work laws; or highlighting the overreach of lawmakers, bureaucrats, and courts; CEI advances reforms in this crucial, often overlooked policy area. Our op-eds, policy papers, media appearances, coalition work, and innovative research serve as crucial counterweights to the aggressive efforts by unions and their allies to frame the policy debate.

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Sean Higgins

Research Fellow

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Ryan Young

Senior Economist

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Editorial Director

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Vice President for Strategy and Senior Fellow

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