Biden Administration Approves Oil Exploration Project in Alaska, but Larger Restrictions Promised Soon

Photo Credit: Getty

According to reports, the Biden Administration is prepared to approve an oil exploration project in northern Alaska. The administration is said to be pairing approval of the Willow Project in Alaska with new restrictions on oil exploration across much of northern Alaska and in the Arctic Ocean.

CEI Senior Fellow Ben Lieberman said:

“Any exceptions to the Biden Administration’s overall opposition to domestic oil and gas production are welcomed, though it should be noted that the Willow Project is not yet out of the woods. It will still face litigation in federal court, and its prospects there would be hurt if administration lawyers that put up a weak defense. And the fact that this announcement may soon be followed up by another from the administration locking up much of the rest of onshore and offshore Alaska underscores that the bad news on domestic energy production still outweighs the good.”