CEI Announces Launch of WorkplaceChoice.org

Washington, D.C., February 7, 2011 — The Competitive Enterprise Institute is proud to announce the launch of WorkplaceChoice.org, a new labor policy resource and news aggregation website.

WorkplaceChoice is a comprehensive, up-to-date website for all news on labor regulations, private and Government sector unions, pensions, and pro-worker legislation.

The purpose of the website is to present researchers and labor reporters with easy access to the latest articles and studies on labor policy issues. Readers can also subscribe to the WorkplaceChoice Daily Digest or to the site’s RSS feed.

WorkplaceChoice is edited by CEI Labor Policy Counsel Vincent Vernuccio and Labor Policy Analyst Ivan Osorio. Leading experts on labor and worker issues regularly showcase their work on the site.

WorkplaceChoice houses a central repository for pro-worker legislation. Visitors will able to see the status of current legislation and learn about model legislation not yet introduced in congress.

“WorkplaceChoice will be the go-to site for labor news,” Vernuccio said. “It’s a valuable resource for everyone from casual readers to policy experts, who can use the site’s archives to assist their research.”

For comments from Vincent Vernuccio or Ivan Osorio about the site, contact Nicole Ciandella in the CEI Media Department at [email protected] or 202.331.2773..