CEI/Chamber of Commerce Environmental Summit 2000 slated for April 7

The gloves come off April 7.

That’s when Ron Bailey, adjunct scholar at CEI and the editor of Earth Report 2000, squares off in a free-flowing debate–again–with the Worldwatch Institute’s Christopher Flavin at a conference sponsored jointly by CEI and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Flavin is senior vice president and director of research for the Worldwatch Institute. He is also editor of the Institute’s recently published State of the World 2000.

Mr. Bailey, formerly a Warren Brookes Fellow in Environmental Journalism at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, now serves as science correspondent for Reason magazine.

The Worldwatch Institute was founded by Lester Brown in 1974. In 1984, Brown began publishing his annual State of the World reports on the environment.

Earth Report 2000, published jointly by CEI and McGraw-Hill this winter, was written in part to counter the leftist dogma promoted in the Worldwatch Institute’s annual assessments of the health of the planet.

A lively exchange between the dueling editors of these competing books was featured in February’s UpDate. Bailey and Flavin will reprise that performance at the Environmental Summit 2000. The one-day affair is being produced by the Chamber’s Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Division.

The first part of a three-part series focusing on environmental policy for the next century, Environmental Summit 2000 will address the increasing impact that environmental issues have on American business.

The conference will consist of three panels, a keynote address, and the CEI-Worldwatch Institute policy debate. Members of the business community and the government will serve as panelists, while members of the academic community will moderate the discussion.

The first panel will address the role of federalism in managing the environment.

The second will survey the future federal role in environmental issues.

The third will discuss the increasing role of global environmental regulations in managing the environment. Utah Governor Mike Leavitt will deliver the keynote address.

To register to attend the conference or to find further information, contact the Chamber at (202)-463-5533, or check out the Environmental Summit 2000 Web site.