CEI Objects to It’s Just Lunch Settlement

Objecting today to the nationwide class action settlement in Rodriguez v. It’s Just Lunch, The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Class Action Fairness (CEI) seeks a rejection of the settlement in which plaintiffs’ attorneys are asking for $3.6 million and the national class only receives a date voucher from the dating service.  

“A class member deserves more than a potentially useless date voucher from It’s Just Lunch, which is why we object to the current settlement which awards millions to the attorneys who decided to take up the case and leaves the nationwide class members with nothing,” said CEI attorney Anna St. John. “Quite simply, the settlement is unfair and the court should reject it.”

The objection, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, argues against the disparity between awarded attorneys’ fees and the compensation for the class. Additionally, it objects to the settlement because the two different classes in the case – one based in New York, and the other nationwide – were not adequately represented when they were represented by the same counsel as the New York class recovers $100 per member and the other recovers $0 per member.