CEI Statement Supporting H.R. 8, Upton’s Energy Infrastructure Bill

As the House of Representatives considers H.R. 8, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act, the Competitive Enterprise Institute issued the following statement in support of passage from Myron Ebell, director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment:

“CEI supports passage of H.R. 8, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act.  Like most big bills with many technical provisions on many complex issues, H.R. 8 contains good provisions and others that are not so good.

“We especially like provisions that streamline permitting of energy infrastructure projects, such as natural gas pipelines and LNG export terminals.  The various reforms of federal energy efficiency standards and programs, especially to the federal building efficiency mandates, are welcome, but could have gone further.  The electricity infrastructure title contains several useful improvements.

“Taken together, these provisions in the House bill will help ensure that Americans continue to have access to energy of all types from a stronger and more reliable infrastructure.

“CEI supports adoption of at least three amendments to strengthen the bill.  These are: amendment #3, the Barton amendment to lift the anachronistic ban on crude oil exports; amendment #65, the Gosar amendment to ensure timely review of legal challenges to energy projects on federal lands; and amendment 93, the Franks amendment on protecting the electric grid from EMP attacks and natural disruptions.  We regret that the Rules Committee did not make in order two other amendments: amendment #15, the Burgess amendment to repeal the ridiculous ban on conventional incandescent light bulbs; and amendment #73, the DeSantis amendment to repeal the insane Renewable Fuels Standard.”