CEI Supports Sullivan-Lee Amendment to Eliminate Unfair Advantages Given to China in Kigali Treaty

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute strongly supports the Sullivan/Lee Amendment that would eliminate the unfair advantages given to China under the Kigali Amendment, but still opposes ratification of this treaty.

“The fact that China is given special treatment by being classified as a developing nation under the Kigali Amendment is almost too ridiculous to believe,” says CEI Senior Fellow Ben Lieberman.  “But it is true and while far from the only flaw with the costly and anti-consumer Kigali Amendment, it is worthwhile to eliminate these highly objectionable provisions.”  

For more information on the Kigali Amendment, please read the coalition letter CEI led opposing the treaty:  https://cei.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/CEI-Kigali-Amendment-Coalition-Letter-FINAL-05.03.22.pdf

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