CEI Supports Urgent Passage of Two House Resolutions on EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules

Today the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee’s energy subcommittee will mark up two resolutions of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to block the Environmental Protection Agency from implementing its greenhouse gas rules for new and existing power plants.

House Joint Resolutions 71 and 72 were introduced in advance of the United Nations’ upcoming COP-21 meeting in Paris, France at the end of November where a treaty on climate change will emerge. The Obama administration does not intend Paris to be a legal instrument but a political one.  It is an effort to protect or insulate the Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas regulations.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute expressed its support of passage of these two House Joint Resolutions:

“CEI strongly supports House passage of Congressional Review Act resolutions of disapproval of the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations of new and existing power plants.  If these rules are not overturned, people in numerous states across the country will be hurt by much higher monthly electric bills, and jobs will be destroyed in energy-intensive manufacturing industries. 

“EPA over-regulation is already one of the main obstacles to returning the American economy to robust, long-term growth.  If the power plant rules are added to the existing regulatory burden, we can expect long-lasting economic stagnation. 

“Congress must send a clear signal to the Paris climate negotiators that President Obama’s submission to the new climate treaty does not have its support and is unlikely to survive the next round of appropriations bills. 

“We therefore urge the House to pass House Joint Resolutions 71 and 72 before the end of November.”

Read more about the resolutions here.