CEI Supports Urgent Passage of Two Senate Resolutions on EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules

This week the U.S. Senate will consider two resolutions of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to block the Environmental Protection Agency from implementing its greenhouse gas rules for new and existing power plants.

Similar to House Joint Resolutions 71 and 72 the Senate counterparts, Resolutions 23 and 24 are scheduled to reach the floor Tuesday and be voted on Wednesday.  Under the CRA, the resolutions cannot be filibustered or amended and require only a majority vote to pass.   

The Competitive Enterprise Institute expressed its support of passage of these two Senate Resolutions:

“Passage of these resolutions will provide strong support for riders in the Omnibus appropriations bill that block funding for the EPA’s climate control rules.  Passage will also send a clear signal to the international negotiators at COP-21 next month that the policies constituting the Obama administration’s submission to the forthcoming Paris climate treaty are unlikely ever to be implemented.     

“CEI urges the Senate to pass Senate Joint Resolutions 23 and 24.  These votes are a critical first step toward blocking and overturning President Obama’s climate policies designed to achieve his 2008 campaign promise of making electric rates ‘necessarily skyrocket.’”

Read more about the similar resolutions in the House here.