CEI’s Ebell Praises Administration Nominees To Serve In Key Environmental Posts

CEI Director for the Center of Energy and Environment Myron Ebell praises Trump Administration nominees to serve in two key environmental posts: 

“Kathleen Hartnett White and Andrew Wheeler are outstanding nominees to serve in key environmental posts in the Trump administration. 

I have known and worked with Kathleen since the early 1990s when she was a lobbyist in Washington for the National Cattlemen’s Association. I know that she has the experience, expertise, and determination necessary for the hard work that will be required as chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality to reform our nation’s dysfunctional environmental permitting system. Investing in large segments of the economy is going to lag as long as projects are subject to many years and even decades of permitting delays. Thus as CEQ chairman Kathleen will make a major contribution to the Trump agenda of economic growth. 

I have known and worked with Andrew since he first went to work for Senator James Inhofe on the Environment and Public Works Committee two decades ago. Andrew is superbly qualified to be deputy administrator of the EPA and to undertake the management reforms necessary to achieve the ambitious agenda of President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.”