CEI’s Marlo Lewis on the EPA Retreat from Renewable Fuel Cutbacks

Today, news reports revealed that the EPA will pull back from its November 2013 proposal to reduce this year’s much fought-over Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) blending targets. The RFS is federal program mandating transportation fuel sold in the U.S. contain a minimum volume of renewable fuel. CEI senior fellow Marlo Lewis, a longtime critic of this unrealistic and harmful mandate, commented on today’s news:

EPA’s more-than-year-long delay in finalizing the 2014 targets reveals what may be the most damning unintended consequence yet: market unpredictability. So now EPA has to make up the targets one year at a time. Worse, EPA’s decision is heavily influenced by interest-group lobbying. Each year’s target is a political football. Instead of creating a predictable market, the RFS has ushered in a reign of regulatory uncertainty.

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