COP explainer begins CEI’s focus on United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai

Photo Credit: Getty

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) today begins its focus on the 28th meeting of the Conference of Parties of the the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – popularly known as COP28 – with a new paper by Henri Schneider explaining how these giant international conferences work. Over the next few weeks, as COP28 gets underway in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from November 30 until December 12, 2023, CEI will produce studies, commentaries, social media content and other material grappling with the negotiations at the conference and the immense costs of the NetZero climate agenda.

In “The UN’s Annual Climate Conference: A Primer on How to Make Sense of COP,” author Henri Schneider, who is a professor of economics and has represented Switzerland as a negotiator at previous COPs, explains the essentials of the sprawling conference. From who participates in negotiations to how those negotiations are structured and conducted to who makes up the 35,000 people who attend, Schneider makes the various aspects of the COP conference accessible to readers. Written in the style of a Q&A, questions answered in the paper include: Who convenes the meeting? Who negotiates what? How are decisions adopted?

“The sheer amount of people, meetings, issues, and events makes the navigation of any COP daunting,” writes Schneider. “Hence, this primer, in the style of a Q&A, is intended to explain how COPs work, as the 28th COP looms on the horizon, starting on November 30 in Dubai.”

CEI plans to release a second paper by Schneider in the coming weeks, focused on the key issues under negotiation at COP28.

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