Farm Bill Vote a Loss for Consumers and Taxpayers

Washington, D.C.,
May 14, 2008—The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the Farm Bill,
signaling a major loss for consumers and taxpayers.

the Senate goes the way of the House, taxpayers and consumers will be paying
the bills for a Farm Bill that increases farm subsidy programs, provides
payments to millionaire farmers, and increases spending by about $20 billion,
without any significant reform,” said Fran
, Adjunct Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Smith was referring to today’s vote of 318 to
106 by the U.S. House of Representatives in favor of the conference report on
H.R. 2419, the new Farm Bill.

said that CEI commends those House Members who led a charge against the bloated
farm programs. Those legislators who
.led the push for reform of the wasteful and fiscally irresponsible farm
programs included Reps. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Ron Kind (D-WI), Earl Blumenauer
(D-OR), and Paul Ryan (R-WI).

318 House Members voting for the legislation, it’s likely that President Bush’s
threatened veto would be overturned, since a two-thirds majority of the House
and the Senate is needed to override a veto,” noted Smith. The Senate will be considering the
legislation shortly, although expectations are that the bill will pass

“The House vote is a win for special interests, and a blow
for taxpayers,” Smith said. “The $288
billion legislation deserves to be defeated.”

For a short video explanation of the problems with U.S.
farm policy, watch Farming for Dollars: How Farm
Subsidies Harm Consumers, Taxpayers and the Poor

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