Government Bureaucrats “Stealing You Blind,” New Book Reveals

Washington, D.C., July 11, 2011 – So-called public servants are “stealing you blind” with inflated salaries, early retirement, massive pensions, leaving a legacy of red tape and higher taxes to the average American. That’s what is revealed in a new book by CEI scholar Iain Murray, Stealing You Blind: How Government Fat Cats Are Getting Rich Off of You.

Because bureaucrats operate by-and-large anonymously, outside the media attention given to elected officials, the public remains largely unaware of the vast power those bureaucrats actually wield.  But no longer: Iain Murray—author of the rollicking exposé The Really Inconvenient Truths—knows all about bureaucrats, in part because he used to be one himself. In Stealing You Blind he blows the whistle on the bureaucracy that is tipping our country into a financial abyss.

In Stealing You Blind, readers will discover:

Why the wealthiest congressional district in America is in a recession-proof suburb of Washington, D.C.How the Department of Transportation went from having one employee making $170,000 or more to having nearly 1,700 making that much—during the peak of the recessionWhy even FDR thought federal workers shouldn’t be allowed to unionizeHow state, local, and federal bankruptcy could be coming your way thanks to public employee union greedWhy bureaucrats regard taxpayers as sheep to be shorn—and how they do itTen steps to fight back and regain control of our government from the parasitic bureaucratic class.

Filled with devastating facts about how government workers are living large off the rest of us and driving our country to financial ruin, Stealing You Blind is a rousing call to Americans to reclaim taxpayer rights and save the economy from bureaucrats.

For a review copy of the book, contact: Laura Bentz, [email protected].