Grassroots ESA Coalition Warns Against Dangers of Species Bill

Washington, DC, January 29, 1998 — The Competitive Enterprise Institute announced today that it will be co-sponsoring a congressional and media briefing on S.1180 with Grassroots ESA Coalition tomorrow on Capitol Hill.

Congressional and Media BriefingS. 1180, Kempthorne-Chafee-Babbitt Bill to Reauthorize the ESAFriday, January 30, 199810AM- 12 Noon, Room HC-4, The Capitol

“The Endangered Species Act is broken and S.1180 will not fix it. Indeed, this bill makes many of these problems even worse,” said Ike Sugg, Fellow in Wildlife and Land-Use Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). “Our position is clear: There should be no reauthorization without compensation.”

Speakers at this event include:

  • The Honorable Malcolm Wallop, Chairman of the Grassroots ESA Coalition and Chairman of Frontiers of Freedom
  • Kathleen Benedetto, Executive Director, Minerals Exploration Coalition
  • Caren Cowan, Executive Secretary, New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association
  • Cindy and Andy Domenigoni, Ranchers, Winchester, California
  • Robert Gordon, Executive Director, National Wilderness Institute
  • Dennis Hollingsworth, Director of Natural Resources, Riverside County Farm Bureau
  • Robert J. Smith, Senior Environmental Scholar, Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Ike Sugg, Fellow in Wildlife and Land Use Policy, Competitive Enterprise Institute

The briefing will highlight the ESA’s worst problems and why S.1180 will not solve them. The ESA Grassroots Coalition was developed in order to educate Americans of the problems in the ESA and the need for real reform.

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