Media Reports Labor Board Will Investigate Leak After CEI Request


The Competitive Enterprise Institute asked the Inspector General of the National Labor Relations Board to investigate board member Mark Pearce for leaking confidential information. Two news organizations report that an investigation has now begun.

CEI labor policy expert Trey Kovacs gave the following statement about the news:

We hope the NLRB Inspector General will conduct a vigorous, thorough investigation into whether Pearce publicly disclosed confidential, internal deliberations. That would go a long way toward maintaining the integrity of the independent Office of Inspector General and incentivizing board members to safeguard deliberations that affect the livelihoods of countless businesses and workers.

Labor policy is contentious, and the NLRB is an especially politicized agency, but it is crucial for the Inspector General to investigate potential violations no matter what side of the political aisle a board member comes from.

During an American Bar Association meeting earlier this year, Pearce reportedly provided advance notice of the board’s decision to issue an order vacating its decision in a controversial case concerning joint employer liability. Board rules and regulations prohibit such public disclosure of internal deliberations, because leaks undermine the integrity of those deliberations.

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