Michelle Minton Nominated for “Sammie” Award

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is proud to announce that CEI Director of Insurance Studies and founder of the annual Human Achievement Hour celebration, Michelle Minton, is a finalist for a Sammie Award from the Chicago-based Sam Adams Alliance.  The award recipients will be announced at an April 8 gala in Chicago featuring Andrew Breitbart
According to the Alliance, the Sammies are an effort to “recognize and elevate the outstanding work of activists around the country” that promote the ideas of liberty and embody the spirit of American patriot Samuel Adams.
Minton is a finalist in the Sammie Award “Messenger” category which recognizes those who are able to effectively manage media appearances to make the public aware of the principles of liberty.  Her work has been published and cited by nationally respected news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and USA Today.

“Michelle Minton sparks intelligent public debate in popular media about subjects that are often taboo or overlooked. She defends the right of those involved in what she calls, ‘The Sindustry’, by providing intellectual support for their right to engage in consensual behavior.”