National Opening of “Sicko” Has Pro-Freedom Activists Crying Foul

Washington, DC, June 29, 2007—With Michael Moore’s documentary indictment of the U.S. health care system, Sicko, opening at theaters nationally this weekend, members of the pro-freedom Bureaucrash Activist Network are taking the opportunity to counter Moore’s conclusion that socialized heath care would be good for America.

“The American health care system is far from perfect, but the last thing that’s going to make it better is a new bureaucracy telling people when they can and can’t visit a doctor or schedule an operation,” said Crash-in-Chief Jason Talley. “The horror stories coming out of nations with socialized health care systems – even in highly developed countries like the UK and Canada – should be enough to tell us that less freedom and more government power is a lethal prescription.”

Bureaucrash, along with members of Americans for Prosperity and the Moving Picture Institute recently crashed the DC premiere of Sicko, carrying signs with the themes “Socialism Kills” and “Guaranteed Healthcare is a Guaranteed Failure.” Photos and video of the demonstration can be seen here. More information on the dangers of socialized medicine and the virtues of free markets is available at

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