Free the Economy Episode 8: Crypto and ESG with Jennifer Schulp

Photo Credit: Getty

Welcome back to the Free the Economy podcast. In this week’s episode we talk about the cultural impact of Super Bowl ads, worries over “slack-filling” in food packages, politicized finance in Congress’ crosshairs, and the future of electric vehicles and lithium mining. Our interview this week is with Cato Institute Director of Financial Regulation Studies Jennifer Schulp. We cover FINRA, the Securities and Exchange Commission, SBF and the FTX meltdown, the accredited investor rule, public markets, growth investing, and the politics of ESG

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Finally, I want to extend a shout out and hearty thanks to the production team behind Free the Economy: Scooter Schaefer, Phoebe Gersten, and Ryan Kracinski. They do an amazing job!