Obama Surprise Recess Appointments Are End-Run Around Democracy, Senate

Washington, DC, January 4, 2011 – President Obama’s decision to make a slew of surprise recess appointments today drew criticism from CEI experts.

Vincent Vernuccio, CEI Labor Policy Attorney

The President once again making an end run around Congress to appoint union partisans to the National Labor Relations Board shows that he cares more about giving favors to his Big Labor supporters than about workers or democracy.  The “nominations” of Sharon Block and Richard Griffin came one day before the Senate adjourned in 2011. The vacancies on the Board have occurred because Obama has insisted on nominating pro-union ideologues too controversial to pass Senate confirmation. Besides the contentious recess appointment of Craig Becker, Griffin is the only other member in the history of the NLRB to be nominated directly from a labor union. These nominations will allow the agency to continue to put well connected union bosses above the American public.


Ivan Osorio, CEI Labor Policy Expert

The president’s recess appointments are but the latest in a long list of actions to please his organized labor supporters.   Having failed to enact policy changes favorable to unions through the legislative process, the Obama administration is now working overtime to circumvent Congress’ authority at every turn.


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