Save Our Local Business Act Up for House Vote

This week's vote could rein in Joint Employer Standard

The House is expected to vote Tuesday, November 7 on a bill to restore a longstanding federal rule that businesses relied on in their dealings with one another. The National Labor Relations Board abruptly upended that standard, which governed when two businesses would be held jointly responsible for workplace conditions, late during the Obama administration, putting small businesses and jobs at risk nationwide.

Statement by Trey Kovacs, Competitive Enterprise Institute policy analyst:

Congress must stop the confusion caused by labor regulators over when two employers will be held jointly liable for workplace rules and policies.

The House must pass the Save Our Local Business Act (H.R. 3441) to relieve job creators from near-unlimited liability and uncertainty caused by the National Labor Relations Board’s changes to the joint employer standard. Without reform to joint employer liability, businesses face confusing and uncertain labor costs. This puts jobs and businesses at risk, leading to decreased opportunities for entrepreneurs and less job creation.