SEIU Targets Franchisers (Again)

CEI labor policy expert Aloysius Hogan is commenting on today's announcement by the SEIU that the labor union is further targeting franchisors. This is piling onto the legal action now under consideration by the NLRB to make franchisors and franchisees jointly liable for employment-related matters. Here is a comment by Aloysius Hogan on today's news:

“The SEIU is now targeting franchisors with a multi-pronged attack in an effort to foster discontentment and drum up union membership,” said Aloysius Hogan, CEI senior fellow and labor policy expert. “Today’s set of allegations against franchisors is aimed at weakening the franchise business model – the ability to set the terms of franchise agreements and requirements. Already, in another action aimed purely at increasing labor union power, union special interests have pending legal action against franchisors to make them and franchisees jointly liable for employment-related policies. Thousands of small businesses and jobs are at risk.”

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