Senate Confirms Well-Qualified Deputy EPA Administrator


This afternoon, the Senate confirmed the long-awaited deputy administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Competitive Enterprise Institute director of the Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell says Andrew Wheeler has the experience and expertise to continue the important reforms and policies begun at the EPA.

CEI’s Myron Ebell on nominee for EPA deputy administrator Andrew Wheeler:

“Andrew Wheeler is a great choice to be deputy administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He has the experience and the expertise necessary to manage the agency and to make sure that the reforms undertaken by Administrator Pruitt will be fully implemented.

“I have known Andrew since he first went to work for Senator James M. Inhofe as a staffer on the Environment and Public Works Committee. He is level-headed, soft-spoken, and knows how to get things done. During his tenure on the committee, he helped the Senator defeat ruinous cap-and-trade legislation, and also pass major energy legislation with bipartisan support.

“A former EPA staffer, Andrew’s experience in how the EPA operates and his commitment to President Trump’s agenda to undo the regulatory onslaught of the previous administration will be valuable to his work managing and reforming the agency as deputy administrator.”