Soso R. Whaley Featured in The American Spectator

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<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />WASHINGTON — While Morgan Spurlock, the man behind the brand new documentary Super Size Me, ordered Big Macs with a super-sized Coke and a side of large fries, Soso Whaley, filmmaker and adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, was ordering Chicken Caesar Salads with a side of common sense.


Spurlock and Whaley embarked on similar documentary projects. Both vowed to eat only at McDonald's for three meals a day for 30 days. Now the results are in: Spurlock, who went on his McDonald's diet last year, wound up 25 pounds heavier, depressed, and blotchy-faced, with high-cholesterol, memories of vomiting profusely, chest pains, a libido that sags like hours-old fries, and a liver that doctors said resembled pâté. Whaley, who completed her 30 day McDonald's diet last Friday, lost ten pounds, dropped her cholesterol from 237 to 197, and claims she feels great.