Supreme Court decision clarifies statute of limitations around regulation

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Today, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Corner Post v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, a case examining statutes of limitation in the context of challenges to federal regulations. A CEI attorney explains why the decision is important for government accountability.

Devin Watkins, CEI attorney:

“In Corner Post, the Supreme Court has finally ended the Catch-22 at the center of the default statutes of limitations in federal law. For too long, the government prevented people from challenging its actions if no one had been harmed yet – and then, when the harm occurred, the government argued that it was too late to make such a challenge. It was hilariously unfair for the government to decide that the deadline for potential litigants to challenge government actions expired before they were born. In Corner Post, the Court ensures government accountability by starting the clock to challenge a law when that harm takes place.”