T. Boone Pickens Touts Windwill in Nat’l. Press Club Speech Today

Washington, D.C.,
September 22, 2008— T. Boone Pickens, the oil man now advocating wind energy
and subsidies, is scheduled today to tout his plan for massive wind power
subsidies at a noontime speech before the National Press Club. CEI energy policy experts are available for
comment on the feasibility of the Pickens plan.

"Pickens wants us all to
drive cars powered by natural gas. Yet CNG-powered cars are heavier, much
more expensive and take 20 hours to refuel at home. They’re just not a
serious alternative to the gasoline-powered car." – Iain Murray, CEI
Senior Fellow

“Obviously, the [Pickens] plan itself is not feasible: wind
power is expensive and intermittent. Moreover, the majority of the population,
and therefore electrical demand, live on the coasts, hundreds and hundreds of
miles away from the proposed wind farms.” – Keith Moody for OpenMarket.org. Read more.

"…the Pickens Plan is based on a gigantic oversight.
If, as EIA forecasts, U.S. electric demand will increase almost 29 percent by
2030, then generating the equivalent of 20 percent of current U.S. electric
power from wind would yield no surplus natural gas over the next two decades.
We would end up with lots of wind farms but no significant reduction in
petroleum dependence." – Marlo Lewis, CEI Senior Fellow, for PlanetGore. Read

Experts available for

Myron Ebell, CEI Director of Energy
and Global Warming Policy

Iain Murray, CEI Senior Fellow
William Yeatman, CEI Energy
Policy Analyst

the CEI OpenMarket blog on Pickens

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