Tariffs Fail to Move China, Congress Should Revoke President Trump’s Trade Authority


President Trump announced a new round of tariffs on China today, pledging to levy a 10 percent tariff on $300 billion of Chinese goods on September 1.

CEI senior fellow Ryan Young said:

“President Trump’s latest China tariffs will begin to affect consumer prices just in time for the holiday season, and will likely encourage a round of retaliatory actions from Beijing. Previous tariffs have repeatedly failed to spark reforms from China’s government, and this iteration will be no different.

“It is likely not a coincidence that President Trump announced the new tariffs within hours of Congress beginning its August recess. Congress is out of session until September 9, more than a week after the tariffs are set to take effect. Multiple bills to return tariff-making authority to Congress have growing bipartisan support. Congress should pass one of them upon its return and prevent President Trump’s tariffs from causing further economic and diplomatic harm to the United States.”

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