Trump’s E-Cigarette Flavor Ban Will Jeopardize Public Health

vape flavors

Today the Trump FDA announced a ban on flavored vape products, except for menthol or tobacco flavors. Manufacturers will have 30 days to cease making and selling cartridge-based vaping devices. CEI consumer policy expert Michelle Minton says such flavor bans deter smokers from switching from cigarettes to less-harmful e-cigarettes – a dire outcome if the goal is to improve public health:

“The Trump administration flavor ban of any kind will jeopardize access to lower-risk vapor products for millions of current and former smokers, relegating them to the perils of black market flavors or the health complications and catastrophes associated with cigarettes. In fact, this ban will be a boon for cigarette profits.

“A flavor ban ignores the data that show only one out of five teens who vape cite flavors as a reason. Teen curiosity is the number one reason for underage vaping. Ironically, that curiosity was ignited by anti-vaping news headlines and campaigns.”


CON: E-cigarette Flavor Ban Ineffective and Dangerous

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