Video: Regulatory Dark Matter: A hidden tax on consumers and businesses

reg dark matter screenshot

Today the Competitive Enterprise Institute released a video, “Regulatory Dark Matter,” which explains a new, dangerous tool government bureaucrats are using to circumvent the law and Congressional review of new regulations. There are tens of thousands of executive branch and independent agency actions including guidance documents, proclamations, memoranda, bulletins, circulars, letters and more that are subject to little scrutiny or democratic accountability but carry practical, binding regulatory effects.

“Regulatory Dark Matter harms American consumers, entrepreneurs, and job creators because it is hard to find, impossible to count, and difficult to understand,” said Wayne Crews of CEI. “While Congress focuses heavily on things like tax reform and budgets, they have let their own legislative authority to slip away, delegating it to unelected bureaucrats. This has created untraceable regulatory activity that drives up costs for American consumers and businesses apart from taxes.”

View the video here:

and visit CEI’s website to learn more.