Obama Administration Fosters Thug-Friendly Climate (Letter to the Editor)

The Examiner was right to criticize D.C. Police for escorting union thugs to the home of a Bank of America lawyer, whose terrified young son was home alone. The Obama administration has fostered a climate in which such thugs can behave menacingly without consequences. The administration protected thuggish Black Panthers who used nightsticks and racial epithets to intimidate Philadelphia voters, dismissing a lawsuit successfully brought against those racist anti-Semites by career Justice Department lawyers. And it turned a blind eye to the racially-charged beating of Kenneth Gladney, a black critic of the health-care bill, by SEIU union thugs. The administration also defied a subpoena from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights investigating the politicization of the Justice Department and its dismissal of the Black Panther case. Doing so violated federal law, which says that "all Federal agencies shall cooperate fully with the Commission."