Small Business, Big Government Intervention

Photo Credit: Getty

Certain official proclamations in recent weeks have highlighted an unnerving shift in the federal government’s relationship with America’s small businesses. This novel stance undermines the autonomy, self-sufficiency, and independence from political influence that should define entrepreneurship. Additionally, there is a disregard for the regulatory burdens faced by small businesses.

The month of April brought Small Business Week, a decades-old tradition associated with the — also decades-old — U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The occasion came complete with a White House Proclamation, stating, in part:

“Small businesses are the engine of our economy and the heart and soul of our communities. They employ nearly half of all private sector workers and contribute to every industry. Getting them what they need to grow is one of the best investments our country can make. During National Small Business Week, we celebrate the grit and strength of every entrepreneur who has chased a dream and put in the hard work each day to see their business and our Nation thrive.”

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