We Eat Only What We Choose To (Letter to the Editor)

To answer John Gapper’s question (“Who would be in Neville Isdell’s shoes?”) in his article “How to get fat on a healthy diet” (May 11), I would embrace the challenge of being in Mr Isdell’s shoes at Coca-Cola.

The undeserved attacks on the food industry come from lawyers who got rich off the 1998 tobacco settlement and liberal activists who blame anyone else besides themselves for what they willingly put in their own mouths, including Morgan Spurlock, the director of the film Super Size Me.

To suggest that companies such as McDonald’s need to change “the approach of the entire business” is ridiculous. The world’s largest fast-food chain sells nine times as many hamburgers as salads because that is what people want to buy. McDonald’s is responsive to consumers’ demands.

It is scary to think where this could lead. I can see it: in McDonald’s I order a hamburger and fries and, after the cashier looks me over, I’m told that government regulations prevent them serving me because I could stand to lose weight. After all, the government knows what’s best for me, right?