The True State Of The Planet

Ten Of The World's Premier Environmental Researchers In A Major Challenge To The Environmental Movement


The True State of the Planet: Ten of the World’s Premier Environmental Researchers in a Major Challenge to the Environmental Movement

Date: 1995 Edited by: Ronald Bailey Published by: Free Press

In the 25 years since the first Earth Day in 1970, the environmental movement has spawned a new generation of scientists asking vital questions about the true state and fate of the planet. But, surprisingly, some of their answers–and even the questions themselves–contradict the movement’s deepest beliefs. Why are the reserves of oil, precious metals, and other natural resources more plentiful than ever before? Why has the population growth of the twentieth century brought rising standards of living for nearly all? In The True State of the Planet ten premier scholars shatter the myths of overpopulation, food, global warming, and pesticides, while redirecting environmentalists’ concerns to the far more urgent problems of fisheries, fresh water, and third-world pollution–and the political causes behind them.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1, by Nicholas EberstadtPopulation, Food, and Income: Global Trends in the Twentieth Century

Chapter 2, by Dennis AverySaving the Planet with Pesticides: Increasing Food Supplies While Preserving the Earth’s Biodiversity

Chapter 3, by Robert C. Balling, Jr.Global Warming: Messy Models, Decent Data, and Pointless Policy

Chapter 4, by Stephen MooreThe Coming Age of Abundance

Chapter 5, by Bruce N. Ames and Lois Swirsky GoldThe Causes and Prevention of Cancer: The Role of Environment

Chapter 6, by Roger A. SedjoForests: Conflicting Signals

Chapter 7, by Stephen R. EdwardsConserving Biodiversity: Resources for Our Future

Chapter 8, by Terry L. AndersonWater Options for the Blue Planet

Chapter 9, by Kent JeffreysRescuing the Oceans

Chapter 10, by Indur M. GoklanyRicher is Cleaner: Long Term Trends in Global Air Quality