Child Support Disputes, NFL Claims “Who Dat?” and Anti-terrorism Police Drills



Virginia legislators vote down a bill which would have forced non-custodial parents to pay child support for their children through college.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Senior Attorney Hans Bader on why the bill was voted down.

"I and legal commentator Walter Olson earlier noted that such laws have unforeseen bad consequences, such as (1) forcing parents to support children who are disrespectful and abusive toward them, and whom they have no parental control over, or (2) forcing parents to make payments to their ex-spouse who was once the custodial parent, rather than directly to their child or the child’s college, thus actually reducing the child’s ability to attend college."



The NFL claims it owns the New Orleans Saints’ motto, "Who Dat?", and is trying to stop independent sports venders from selling merchandise that features the motto.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Adjunct Fellow Fran Smith on the NFL’s claims.

"How dumb can the greedy NFL be to take on the Saints’ fans and their favorite chant with a dubious claim even while they are lobbying Congress for an antitrust exemption?"



The DC Metro police held an anti-terrorism drill at a Metrorail stop during rush hour yesterday.

CEI Expert Available to Comment: Warren Brookes Fellow Ryan Young on anti-terrorist paranoia.

"Fear is a terrorist’s only effective weapon. There are so few of them, and their attacks are so rare, that fear is all they have. Yet they win victory after victory. People and governments have an irrational tendency to over-react to rare but conspicuous threats."