AdSense Nonsense

Charges that Google is constructing a vast network of partners in order to monopolize the net betray that fact that most regulators and ‘tech journalists’ know nothing of how markets, or webpages function.

I added AdSense ads to my webpage through a simple cut and paste into the code of my page. Websites that actually receive traffic, unlike my site, are run by CMS, or Content Management Systems. By seperating format and content, new websites can easily change their entire ad system from Google, to Yahoo! or any other online ad serving company.

Right now Google does lead in text ads (though it’s behind Yahoo! in graphical ads), but small adjustments in the margins of Google’s competitors could give advertisers lower prices and affiliates a bigger pay-off. This would immediately nab revenue from Menlo Park and see it travling down the road to Sunny Vale, or even far north to Redmond.

This is not a ‘failed market’ in need of trust busters, but rather an incredibly dynmaic market that will likely see very large shifts in the future. Video on the web in the form Joost, NBC’s videos online, and many other will come to challenge Googles web ad dominancy with no need for regulatory support. In my view, Google has it rough enough as it is!