Bill Frezza Wins Economic Writing Prize

Bill Frezza, host of RealClear Radio Hour and CEI fellow, was awarded the Foundation for Economic Education’s 2016 Beth Hoffman prize for economic writing for his monograph detailing New Zealand’s Far-Reaching Economic Reforms. Hear Bill tell the story in RealClear Radio Hour’s 100th broadcast, The Miracle of New Zealand, featuring interviews with former finance ministers Sir Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson, or as retold in the Freeman article How Economies Can Rise from the Ashes: The Kiwi Plan.

 From FEE:

Congratulations to Bill Frezza for winning the 2016 Beth Hoffman prize for economic writing. This is the fifth year that FEE has awarded the prize, which carries with it a cash prize of $2,500. Through the generosity of a FEE donor, the prize was established to commemorate the late Beth A. Hoffman, long-time managing editor of the Freeman. The award recognizes the best article on economics or economic history published in the previous year. Bill wins for his research and writing on New Zealand's economic reform.

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