CEI Special Briefing Series: Defending the Personal Energy Choices of Americans

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To push its energy and climate agenda, the Biden administration thinks it should limit or even prohibit what kinds of goods Americans can buy, from the cars they drive to the appliances they use in their homes.  Some states and local governments are also taking similar actions.

Not too long ago, the idea that the government would ban or severely limit Americans from driving gas-powered vehicles would have seen absurd.  Well, that’s the current reality.

Quite simply, there is an unprecedented attack on the personal energy choices of Americans.

That’s why CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment is pleased to debut a special briefing series entitled “Defending the Personal Energy Choices of Americans.”

Over the next several weeks, we will release articles from leading experts providing useful background on this attack on individual freedom and what can be done about it. The articles are just one piece of this briefing series.  Be on the lookout for webinars and more.

Below are recent additions to this series:

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5 bad appliance regulations Congress should reject with the Congressional Review Act

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