CEI Weekly: CEI Protects Main Street From Financial Reform Bill

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CEI Weekly
April 29, 2010

>>CEI Urges Senate to Reject Ruinous Financial Reform Bill
This week CEI joined a coalition of think tanks and activist groups in sending a letter to Republicans urging them to filibuster the financial reform bill known as the “Restoring American Financial Stability Act.” The letter was posted on National Review and The American Spectator. Read the letter here.

>>Shaping the Debate
Free the Data, Save the Science
Chris Horner’s citation in the Wall Street Journal Europe
“In the U.S., where last year’s Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulated climate-change research to the tune of $35.7 billion, there exist few enforcement mechanisms for those seeking to examine the fruits of that investment. That helps explain why it took Competitive Enterprise Institute scholar Christopher Horner more than two years, and the threat of legal action before he finally received temperature information as requested from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.”

FTC Should Green-Light Google-AdMob Deal
Ryan Radia’s op-ed in Forbes.com

Andy Stern’s Debts
Vincent Vernuccio’s op-ed in the Washington Times

Wall Street Shuffle: Their ‘Huge Playground’ is Safe
Chris Horner’s op-ed in the Daily Caller

Fly the Free Skies
Iain Murray and Roger Abbott’s article in the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone

Beware the Financial Trojan Horse
Hans Bader’s op-ed in the Daily Caller

How Cap and Trade was ‘Trashed’
CEI cited in NPR.org

>> [Video]CEI’s Marlo Lewis Appears on RT Alyona Show
CEI’s Marlo Lewis appeared on RT’s The Alyona Show to talk about Earth Day and its link to global warming alarmism. Watch the interview here.

>>Best of the Blogs
ObamaCare Will Raise Insurance Premiums and Health Care Costs, Perhaps Bankrupt Hospitals, Federal Officials Admit
By Hans Bader

FDA Salt Statement Leaves a “Mistaken Impression”

By Dan Compton

>>LibertyWeek Podcast
Episode 90: Jerry Brito’s Surprisingly Free
Richard Morrison, Jeremy Lott, and Jerry Brito bring you episode 90. We take a look at immigration in Arizona, expanding finance regulations, myths about green energy, porn at the SEC and Jerry’s Mercatus Center technology project, Surprisingly Free.

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